Travel, culture, fashion and sharing with family lover Martin Lubrano decided to take a phrase as his and make it as a motto; ¨the path is made by walking.¨

With the arrival of Vicente, his first son, he thought it was necessary to spread his wings and leave a career he knew and an area which had allowed him to navigate in business.

In 2011, he started the vertiginous task of embarking on shoe manufacturing. He created a team from his heart, feeling that no matter where he goes, it should always be a family sharing commitment, passion and challenges.

Vincent was born inspired by his family, which has always been, the driving force of his possible dreams; to persistently achieve the steps of their predecessors and build a fashion business slowly but surely. There where it deploys his best weapons, the smile and the desire to go on.

In 2017, with his optimistic and growing vision, he took a leap forward and created in Spain, as a natural entrance to Europe, a new market opportunity.

Timeless slippers, made in Spain, with the best fine materials that allow an eternal and comfortable footwear.

At Vincent we care that you feel at home.

Wherever you are, with elegance and comfort.

Vincent is a lifestyle, where it matters the desire to laugh and share with your loved ones.

We promote family values, life enjoyment, to stop time for moments and let ourselves go with the flow of the possible.

We connect history, novelty, cultures, feelings.